Job: AXA Post doc fellowships via Newcastle University

Newcastle University has been invited to nominate applicants for the 2014 AXA Research Fund Postdoctoral Fellowships competition.

AXA funds basic research dedicated to a better understanding of risk. AXA Postdoctoral Fellowships fund two-year research projects proposed by excellent applicants working in the best possible research environment.

The fellowships are available in the following areas:
• Environmental Risks (Climate change; Natural hazards; Human-driven environmental changes);
• Life Risks (Ageing and long-term care; Addictions and risky behaviours; Biomedical risks);
• Socio Economic Risks (Geopolitical risks; Macro-economic and Financial Systemic risks; Individual and collective behaviours towards uncertainty; Large corporate risks).

Applicants should have successfully defended their PhD thesis before the start of the fellowship and have less than 5-years of research experience since their PhD. There are no nationality restrictions.

The Fellowships are for up to €120,000 and provide funding for salary, institutional overheads and some small research costs for two years.

More information on the scheme is available at: Guidance notes are at:

In the first place you should make contact with your proposed postdoctoral advisor to discuss what is required to make an application. The deadline for consideration is 4pm on Friday 22 November.

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