CFP: BISA PGN Annual Conference: 17th June, Dublin

Call for Papers:

BISA PGN Annual Conference: 17th June, Dublin

This year will see Dublin play host to the second annual PGN Academic Conference. Following the success of last year’s event at the University of Birmingham, BISA PGN are hosting another day of papers organised around the very broad theme general theme of ‘conflict’ – as 2014 is the centenary of The Great War – in all the manifestations and meanings of the word.

The PGN has asked PPWG to support a panel at the conference and encourage postgraduate students working in this area to apply. A possible PPWG panel will be entitled ‘Poststructuralism and IR: 25 Years’ though we are open to other themes.

Abstracts should be no longer than 200 words and should be submitted to by 10 March 2014. The deadline for applying for funding is also the 10th of March.

The PGN conference is the perfect place to present your first paper in front of a friendly and supportive audience of fellow Postgraduate researchers. Each panel will consist of up to five papers and/including a discussant. Panellists will speak for around 10mins and can use powerpoint, prezi or simply speak from notes. Once all panellists and the discussant have given their remarks the floor will be open to questions from the audience.

Registration is free, ten pots of funding worth £75 each are available and there will be refreshments provided.

If you have any questions, please contact Neil James Wilson at

Successful abstracts will be announced in April 2014. The BISA PGN Committee looks forward to reading your abstracts!

Paul Tobin


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