BISA Reserved Panels for ISA 2015 Conference

The International Studies Association reserves some panel slots for partner scholarly organisations like BISA for its annual conference (due to take place in New Orleans, 18-21 February 2015).

ISA has just confirmed that they are offering 5 reserved panel slots for BISA via the working groups (See message below).

PPWG members are therefore invited to submit panels by 5pm Thursday 8 May to for selection and nomination in time for ISA’s deadline. Panels not selected by PPWG/BISA can nevertheless be submitted to ISA independently.

PPWG has been very successful at obtaining these nominations in the past, so I highly encourage those keen to go to New Orleans to apply.

Please note the following requirements for ISA panels. These are strictly adhered to, and BISA will not be able to nominate any panels that don’t comply exactly with these requirements, especially the word limits for titles and abstracts, and the number of papers:

Panels are submitted in full with five papers for review by our program chairs. They require a title (limited to 50 words), an abstract (limited to 200 words), three tags, a chair, a discussant, and exactly five papers. Please note that we do not accept four or six paper panels. (see:
In your nominations please include the following for each panel:

Title of panel (limited to 50 words)
Panel abstract (limited to 200 words)
Titles of 5 papers (limited to 50 words)
Abstracts for 5 papers (limited to 200 words
Names, affiliations and contact details (email) for all panel participants, including chair, discussant and 5 paper givers.

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

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