cfp: Maritime ports and the making of the global -ISA 2015

Maritime ports and the making of the global

ISA Annual Convention 2015, call for papers -(apologies for cross-posting)-

Ports and port systems are and have been pre-eminent global sites. Their presence and history express ideas of globality, localism and regionalism which cannot be understood in isolation from each other. Their role, which transcends that of connecting landed with maritime domains, is one without which the global connectedness of cultures and economies would not be possible. They are, however, largely forgotten in our studies of the global and the international. The connectivity that ports afford constitutes a rich empirical site from which to wonder about the continuous making of the global.

This panel is intended to foster a discussion on the role of ports as sites of (global) power. It asks, how are ports expressions of power relations? How can we understand the role of ports in the making of the global? How are we to define and analyse the forms of connectivity that result from ‘port-ing’ the global, the regional, the local? How can histories of the global and the international be told from the histories of ports? Who and what makes a port and how people matter in the ‘port-ing’ of politics?

Conceptual, historical, theoretical and empirical papers addressing these questions and others related to the topic are invited.

Please submit abstracts of 200 words by Friday 16 May

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