Event: EISA Section on Theory and Critique of Capitalism

CFP: EISA Section “Theory & Critique of Capitalism”
Fall 2015, Sicily

The word capitalism has become part of our common vocabulary again. The wide reception of Piketty’s Capital in the 21st century or Williams and Srnicek’s Accelerationist Manifesto indicate that discussions of capitalism are no longer the exclusive terrain of classical Marxists, although Marxist theory and political economy have also made a comeback. We are still to see IR and IPE scholars catch up with these developments – or perhaps they already have, but we’ve been scattered across the globe without a common forum for discussion until now.

In a world where all politics has become international politics and where that politics is shaped more than anything by global capital, one wonders what it means to have IR/IPE as a separate body of knowledge that continues to be rather silent about the workings of capitalism. Could a contemporary theory of capitalism (or the critique of it) perhaps be the international theory RBJ Walker did not find over a decade ago?

On the occasion of the pan-European ISA conference on the “worlds of violence,” to take place in Fall 2015 in Sicily, we would like to invite scholars from in and outside the discipline to submit panel proposals or paper abstracts on questions such as:

• Why does capitalism continue unabated today?
• How can financialised capitalism be overcome?
• What links exist between political economic critiques of capitalism and feminist, anti-imperialist and environmental struggles?
• How is capitalism linked to the current rise of right-wing populism, racism, the fortification of Fortress Europe and the growth of independence movements in Scotland or Cataluña among others?
• What methods do we have for studying capitalism?
• How do competing epistemologies of knowledge, like post-structuralism, actor-network theory or new materialism, complicate or advance our understanding of capitalism?
• How does capitalism figure in IR/IPE courses and classrooms?

Please send your panel proposals including 4 papers, or your individual paper proposals to both wandavra@gmail.com and kai.koddenbrock@posteo.de by 1 October 2014.

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