Event: Lola Frost “Taking Risks” at KCL

Taking Risks Exhibition
This exhibition is the first event of Lola Frost’s Leverhulme Artist’s Residency in the Department of War Studies, Kings College London.  This exhibition of paintings will be on show in level-2, Somerset House East Wing, Kings College London, Strand Campus from the 7th to the 25th October 2014 and maps a precarious engagement with body and place, a risky encounter that challenges the viewer’s certainty of their own place in the world by disrupting scale, distance and depth of field. This exhibition is poised between two bodies of work titled Coming Alive (1997 -2013) and South (2013-). The former might be characterised as a vertical emergence from an interior psychic depth, and the latter as a horizontal expansion toward the unknowable ‘flesh’ of the world. This artist’s residency includes a collaborative project with academics in the Department of War Studies on the idea and practice of productive risk taking, including taking aesthetic risks. Risk is commonly understood as a negative or dangerous condition that needs to be avoided or managed. Against this view, this artist’s residency will be an opportunity to consider how productive risk practices might have critical, ethical and political implications for the current international order.  More  details of this residency’s events, dates and locations are here

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