Book: The Politics of Carbon Markets

The Politics of Carbon Markets

Edited by Benjamin Stephan, Richard Lane

Routledge – 2015 – 298 pages

Series: Routledge Studies in Environmental Policy

Carbon markets are in the middle of a fundamental crisis. A crisis marked by 
collapsing prices, fleeing actors, and ever increasing greenhouse gas levels. 
Yet carbon trading remains at the heart of global attempts to respond to 
climate change. Not only this, but markets continue to proliferate - 
particularly in the Global South. This edited volume helps to make sense of 
this paradox. It brings two urgently needed insights to the analysis of 
carbon markets. First, the markets must be understood in relation to the 
politics involved in their development, maintenance and opposition. Second, 
this politics is multiform and pervasive. Implementation of new techniques 
and measuring tools, policy development and contestation, and the structuring 
context of institutional settings and macro-social forces all involve a 
variety of political actors and create new forms of political agency. This 
book has assembled 12 contributions (see below for more details) bringing 
together a variety of approaches (actor-network-theory, governmentality 
studies, hegemony and discourse theory, neo-Gramscian political economy, 
etc.) that focus on this politics of carbon markets. These study the total 
extent of the carbon markets, from their prehistory to their contemporary 
expansion and wider impacts. In total, this wide-ranging political 
perspective on the carbon markets is invaluable to an audience interested in 
ecological markets, climate change governance and environmental politics.
A flyer with further information and a 20% discount code if you order the 
book through Routledge can be found here:
If you are interested in reviewing this book please get in touch with Megan 
Smith at Routledge to receive a free review copy:

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