CFP: EISA Section on Critical Military Studies

9th EISA Pan European Conference

23-26 September 2015, Sicily


Section Chairs:

Victoria M. Basham

Sarah Bulmer

University of Exeter

Building on the success of the Critical Military Studies section for EISA in 2013, we will bring together scholars from IR and related disciplines at different stages of their careers to again contribute to a section at EISA in 2015 showcasing emergent and ongoing work in the field.

In the aftermath of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the enduring legacy of military intervention at both the geo-political and the personal bodily level has become increasingly apparent, demonstrating ways in which violence and war-making very literally compose and decompose the ‘world’, continually transforming experiences of the everyday and the ‘normal’.

Militaries are central to the production and dissemination of force globally. Whilst militaries enable and enact state violence materially, the ideological function of militaries and militarism is also integral to the legitimisation and normalisation of violence as an appropriate response to wider social and political problems. The profoundly gendered, racialized and socio-economically contingent ways in which the role militaries and military force come to be understood also produces different worlds of experience at the global, national, local and personal levels. In line with the conference theme of ‘worlds of violence’, we will thus invite and include papers exploring, through a range of critical methodologies, those ways in which militaries, militarism and militarisation assemble and disassemble worlds touched and shaped by violence in multiple ways.

The section will comprise of 10 panels. We strongly welcome submissions on any topic in keeping with the section though we envisage that the following themes are likely to be addressed:

  • Veterans and society
  • Bodies of violence
  • Violence and Criticality: methods and representation
  • Consuming militarism
  • Spatialities and temporalities of violence
  • Violence and the military experience
  • The Future of state violence – militaries in transition
  • Trauma and legacies of violence
  • Authoritarianism and the militarised everyday
  • Resisting violent worlds

We welcome individual paper proposals, and panel/roundtable proposals as well. Each 105-minute panel/roundtable should comprise five papers/presenters plus a discussant who will also act as panel/roundtable chair.

Proposals (with abstracts of 200 words maximum) must be submitted, starting 8 December 2014, via the online submission system:

Please note that there will be a **participation limit** of three contributions per participant — whether as paper giver, roundtable speaker, or discussant/chair (any of these roles counts as one contribution).

The closing date for paper, panel, and roundtable proposals is midnight (CET) on 15 January 2015

Please do contact us if you have any additional questions about the section:

Victoria M. Basham (, University of Exeter

Sarah Bulmer (, University of Exeter

For any questions on the conference, please contact the organisers at:

If you have any technical problems with the online submission system, please contact Elem Eyrice at:

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