CFP, EISA 2015 Panel: Bringing Postcoloniality Home?

Bringing Postcoloniality ‘Home’? The Erasure of the Inside/Outside Boundary in the Construction of the Domestic Other 

9th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Sicily, September 2015

Post-colonial approaches to the construction of identities in the discipline of International  Relations have  often  been  reluctant  to  import  their  findings  and methods  ‘home’.  In  doing  so,  they  have usually  reinforced  the  strict  division between  inside/outside  informing  IR,  creating  problematic assumptions  and associations between an inside civilisation (the ‘home’ of the citizen-subject) and an outside barbarity (the ‘shelter’ of the colonial other). But colonial logics also produced renderings of the uncivil, unfit and disordered  at ‘home’ (McClintock, 1995; Hall and Rose 2000) and had to account for and explain away the presence of  civility  in  ‘foreign’  lands. These interconnections show  how  metropolitan states were ordered in the same way as colonial territories were. Through these multifaceted acts of ‘othering’ and the reproduction of the ‘uncivilised’, ‘unfit’ and ‘dangerous’ the  inside/outside  boundary  is  blurred.  These  practices  also  help undermine the classic self/other binaries designed to silence ambiguities and re-establish a certain and linear identity. This panel will explore the circulation of these  knowledges,  practices  and  violent  decisions  involved  in constituting problematic  subjects,  both  inside  and  outside  the  state.  We  welcome  papers engaging with these topics across different historical time frames and in multiple empirical cases.
This panel will be submitted to Section 63 “Worlds of Colonial Violence”
We invite scholars interested in this panel to send an abstract of 200 words maximum to Dr. Joe Turner ( and Xavier Mathieu (x.mathieu@sheffield)

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