CFP: EISA 2015 Section on ‘The Legacy of Foucault in International Relations’

CfP for the 9th Pan-European Conference on IR, Sicily, 23-26 Sep 2015

Section: The Legacy of Foucault in International Relations:  Querying the Bases, Boundaries and Possibilities

Conference Website –  ​

Section Chairs: 

Dr Doerthe Rosenow, Oxford Brookes University,

Dr Tina Managhan, Oxford Brookes University,
Section Rationale:

The Legacy of Foucault in IR:  Where has it taken us, where are we now and where should we go from here?  This conference section theme will invite papers that, rather than adopting particular ‘Foucauldian’ concepts and analytical frameworks to illuminate global political practices, reflect on its usages in terms of the questions raised above.  Looking back, this conference section will invite papers seeking to specifically interrogate the philosophical and political underpinnings of Foucault’s work and the international relations scholarship that has adapted Foucault for its purposes.  What has been lost in translation?  What of Foucault’s own brackets and boundaries might we want to challenge and revisit for our purposes today?  Looking forward, this conference section will invite papers that are working at or against the boundaries of contemporary ‘Foucauldian’ IR or are otherwise involved in the process of taking it forward and querying the spaces of its politics.  In terms of the conference theme, this section is concerned to interrogate the exclusions, hierarchies and re-ifications produced within the very terms of the scholarship that has sought to challenge these things – in other words, our own epistemic violences – and to think creatively and anew about where we might go from here.  In the spirit of the above, this conference section will be open to anyone who thinks their work has something to offer on this theme, but we will be specifically seeking those with interests in (political) philosophy, phenomenology, postcolonialism, critical race studies and gender studies.

Tentative Panel Themes:

In terms of the spirit of “looking forward, looking back”, we currently envision assembling one or two panels that specifically engage with the political, philosophical and theoretical questions underpinning our general conference section theme (as above).  The remaining panels will naturally address these too, but with an emphasis on contemporary topical themes in International Relations.  Among others, we currently advertise following panels:

– Looking Forward, Looking Back: Implications of Foucault’s Philosophy, Politics and/or Ethos for International Relations
– Re-engaging with Questions of Power and the War on Terror
– Re-thinking and Re-imagining Political Struggle in Contemporary IR

We also welcome papers that address other aspects that fit the overall section theme.

Paper proposals (max 200 words) need to be submitted online at:

  • The deadline for abstracts is 15th January2015

If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to receiving your paper proposals.

Best wishes,

Doerthe and Tina

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