CFP: EISA Section on ‘Construction(s) of the Field of IR’



Section Chairs:

Zeynep Gulsah Capan,
University of Erfurt

Pinar Bilgin,
Bilkent University

Panel and paper proposals can be submitted through Conftool ( by January 15.

If you are interested in organising panels or have any questions please contact

The section aims to focus on the following themes and questions;

Constructing the Concepts of IR

Which definitions of the ‘international’, of ‘sovereignty’, of ‘anarchy’ and of violence are predominant within the field. What are the stories of these concepts, how are they defined as objects of study and how are they narrated?

Narrating the Field of IR

How has the story of the field been challenged and reinterpreted thus far? What are the stories of the field that remain to be explored? What is included and excluded from these explorations into the past and present of the field?

Disciplining the Field of IR

How is the field divided into sub-fields and the relationship of the field of IR to other fields such as History; International Law, Economy and Literature. How are the demarcation lines drawn between these fields, how are fields defined and who is included and excluded through the boundaries that are drawn.

Periodization and Silencing in IR

How do periodizations and writings of history work to draw the possibilities of the international.  How is history and historical periodizations written into the field of IR. Whose histories are privileged and whose histories are silenced through the writings of history within the field.

The Future(s) of IR

What are the implications of the discussions around the future of IR theory, the Eurocentric conception of the field and the debates about non-western/post-western IR?

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