Job Announcement: Gothenburg University, Lecturer in Peace and Development Research

University Lecturer in Peace and Development Research

Type of employment: Permanent post
Extent: 100 %
Location: School of Global Studies, Gothenburg
First day of employment: By agreement
Reference number: PER 2015/28
Closing date: 2015-02-23

The School of Global Studies is an innovative university environment for research and education in globalization and global issues. We seek a person who would find it stimulating to work in a dynamic, international and interdisciplinary setting.

The School invites applicants for a position in Peace and Development Research with a focus on International Relations. Scholars specialised in International Relations Theory, International Political Economy and/or Peace and Conflict Studies are particularly encouraged to apply.

Subject area

Peace and Development Research

Specific subject description

Peace and Development Research

Job assignments

The Schools education programmes consist of Peace and Development Research, International Relations, Global Development Studies, Global Studies, Human Ecology/Environmental Social Science, Human Rights, Social Anthropology and Regional Studies. The holder of this position is expected to take part in developing the subject of IR and Peace and Development, but also to take part in cross- and interdisciplinary teaching and research within the department, and to actively contribute to efforts to secure external funding. Since the School has further needs of expertise in area/regional studies and human rights, additional qualifications in any of these two areas will be considered a merit. Teaching will be primarily at undergraduate and masters levels, but may also involve some teaching at the doctoral level. The successful applicant will also be expected to participate in the Schools curricular development and, when necessary, to perform administrative and leadership tasks. The minimum amount of time allocated to professional development and research is stipulated in the current terms of reference for lecturers at Gothenburg University.


The Swedish Higher Education Ordinance stipulates that applicants must hold a PhD in Peace and Development Research or equivalent, have completed training in teaching at University level or equivalent and are able to demonstrate pedagogical skills. Applicants who lack the relevant training in teaching at University level may be considered for employment initially on a one-year contract (with possible extension for a second year) until such time as they have completed the required training. Thereafter, their contract will be made permanent.

In the selection process equal weight will be given to research and pedagogical accomplishment. Qualifications in IR theory will be awarded particular value in the evaluation of research and pedagogical skills.


In the evaluation of research skill, particular weight will be given to the applicants work in recent years and to their ability to independently initiate and conduct research. Scientific skill should be demonstrated in research and publications within relevant fields. The ability to attract external funding is a merit. Assessment of pedagogical skill covers planning, delivery, evaluation, supervision and examination. Pedagogical achievements should be well documented so that their quality can be assessed. Administrative skills are also considered important, as are the ability to work together with society at large and to disseminate information about research and development work. The applicant should be able to conduct teaching, supervision and examination in both Swedish and English. Non-Swedish speakers are expected to learn the language to teaching competence within three years of their appointment. The selection process will involve sample lectures, interviews and references. After assessment of all aspects of the applicants skills that are relevant for this position, the person who is considered best qualified to carry out the required tasks, cooperate with other staff and contribute to the development of our School will be selected.

Additional information

Prior to the recruitment procedure, the University of Gothenburg will have determined the recruitment channels and marketing. We therefore firmly request that contact with media sellers, recruitment sites and the like be avoided.

For questions regarding the handling of the application portal or technical problems, please contact

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