Call For Papers: Masculinities at the Margins, Newcastle University

CFP: Masculinities at the Margins: Conceptualising war beyond hypermasculinity

Venue: Newcastle University, UK
Date: 23rd and 24th April 2015

Keynote speaker: Prof. Orna Sasson-Levy (Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Bar Ilan University, Israel)

Dr Joanna Tidy (SPAIS, University of Bristol),
Dr Amanda Chisholm (GPS, Newcastle University, UK)

Sponsors: Geography, Politics and Sociology (GPS) Research Committee, Newcastle University; Military, War and Security Research Group, Newcastle University; Gender Research Group, Newcastle University; Global Insecurities Centre, University of Bristol; and Gender Research Centre, University of Bristol

Gender scholars exploring war, militarism and violence have drawn upon conceptualisations of hegemonic masculinities to understand the gendered and gendering dimensions of war. Whilst there is an understandable scholarly preoccupation with the military and war as a space of hypermasculinity, this emphasis obscures many permutations of masculinity that are entailed in the practice of war, perpetuating particular privileges and narrow understandings of what war and military masculinity is and can be. Alternatively, this two-day workshop seeks to bring scholars from a range of disciplines together to engage with the less visible and marginalised masculinities of war. For example, what different perspectives on war, fighting and military masculinity might we find if we turn our attention towards the less visible men and masculinities of modern war fighting? What might we learn by paying closer attention to the data analyst, the lawyer, the engineer, the interpreter, the human terrain specialist, the drone operator, the war reporter or the third country national security labourer? What do the masculinities, subjectivities and experiences of these men and women tell us about war, war fighting and war knowledge?  Submissions might consider the following:

●      What masculinities are obscured by dominant knowledges of war and war fighting and what hierarchies are produced?

●      To what extent does scholarship perpetuate such exclusions?

●      What do we learn about military masculinity and war when we make visible those masculinities that are excluded from prevailing accounts of war?

●      What is war and war fighting if we foreground these marginalised masculinities?

Please send abstracts of no more than 250 words relating to these or cognate themes to the conveners at and by February 15th 2015. Registration is free. Lunch will be provided. Some modest travel bursaries are likely to be available, please express interest when you submit your abstract.

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