Call for Bookings: Gregynog Ideas Lab IV

Gregynog Ideas Lab IV
Five days at Gregynog Hall Newtown, Powys, Mid Wales UK
13-18 July, 2015

An open thinking space for graduate students and academics in critical, postcolonial, feminist, post-structural and psychoanalytic international politics to meet and exchange ideas with new people, re-examine their own work, and investigate cutting edge and creative methods.

The Gregynog Ideas Lab ran for the first time in 2012 and was a resounding success. Participants found it “a great thinking space,” “intellectually rewarding and stimulating,” with “a friendly, noncompetitive mood, friendly and helpful lecturers, interesting topics.” One participant summed it up as “absolutely amazing: great diversity of activities, ideal number of participants, perfect location.” Seminars from guest professors

  • Michael J Shapiro leads method workshops
  • Research surgeries: one-to-one with guest professors
  • Himadeep Muppidi leads workshops on storytelling as method
  • Roundtables led by participants
  • Participants research presentations and discussions
  • Advanced method training
  • Guest performers/lecturers
  • Practical workshops on publishing, careers, teaching, etc.Guest Professors: Jenny Edkins, Himadeep Muppidi, Sam Opondo, Michael Shapiro, Erszebet Strausz, RBJ Walker, Annick Wibben, Maria Zalewski and Andrea Zevnik

The two workshops:
The first, on Method, entitled Thinking the Event: Political Temporalities, and led by Michael J Shapiro, focuses on particular historical cases that can be interpreted with the help of a “critical philosophical trajectory”: The Hiroshima bombing, Hurricane Katrina, and the contemporary sweatshop factory.

The second, on Storytelling, entitled Worlding the Postcolonial and led by Himadeep Muppidi, explores how we write other worlds into the colonial field of international relations and focuses on the task of writing itself.

Seminars include:
Image, Aesthetics, Politics, Jenny Edkins
Diplomatic Entanglements: Ethnology, Ethology and the Ethics of Cohabitation, Sam Okoth Opondo
Notes on Equality, Erzsebet Strausz
International/Historical, Rob Walker
Violence, Creativity and Un/making the Self, Annick T.R. Wibben
Imagining future(s): boundary world(s), Marysia Zalewski
Resisting Subjectivity, Andreja Zevnik

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