CFP: Workshop on Spatial Practices of Postcolonial Governance Cardiff University

Spatial Practices of Postcolonial Governance: Inequalities, Exclusions and Potentials
Postcolonial Governmentalities Workshop
1st – 2nd September 2015, Cardiff University

Workshop Convenors:
Terri-Anne Teo (Bristol University)
Elisa Wynne-Hughes (Cardiff University)

Spatial practices of governance were used as a colonial tool to regulate populations in multiple ways, from the control of migration to the demarcation and spatial restriction of groups according to categories of race and religion. These practices resonate today through the institutionalisation of surveillance mechanisms, exclusionary urban gentrification, and migration policies that secure the movement of populations within and across borders. Examining these urban technologies of regulation can help us understand the power dynamics that shape various transnational inequalities and social divisions. These spatial practices of governance also draw on and reflect complex political landscapes that influence processes of identity-formation, shaping meanings of citizenship and notions of difference. At the same time, in discussing governance, we must consider the negotiations of power that emerge through forms of resistance and counter-conduct in relation to these unequal spatial practices. Finally, while spatial governance is often critically discussed as an undesirable exertion of authority, this should not foreclose the productive, and indeed emancipatory, potentials of governance.

Format and Plans: This workshop, which includes panel presentations, discussions and a methods café, will bring together academics and doctoral students working with postcolonial governmentality and spatial approaches. We intend to publish an edited volume/special issue of selected papers from the workshop.

Key Speakers: The keynote speech will be delivered by Joanne Sharp (University of Glasgow) and the workshop will conclude with a roundtable chaired by Ambreena Manji (Cardiff University).

Sponsors: This workshop is co-sponsored by the Poststructural Politics (PPWG), Colonial, Postcolonial and Decolonial (CPD) and Africa Working Groups from the British International Studies Association (BISA), and Cardiff University’s School of Law and Politics. There are six travel bursaries of £100 available for members of the CPD Working Group. The Africa Working Group has also offered travel bursaries for African-based PhD students or scholars to attend the workshop. To be considered for a bursary, please express interest when you submit your abstract.

Application details: Apply by 15th June with abstracts of no more than 200 words and a short biography. We will inform people of the outcome by 1st July. Full papers will need to be submitted by 15th August. These should be mailed to and

Please also get in touch by 15th June if you would like to participate as a non-panelist in the workshop. We will ask that non-panelists to pay a fee to cover catering expenses for the two days.

This workshop is a follow-up to one held last year titled ‘Postcolonial Governmentality: Theory, sites and practices’. Since then, we have organised a panel for the BISA conference this June in London under the sponsorship of the CPD Working Group. For more information on the last workshop and updates, please visit our website at