What All Should PPWG Do in 2016?

We’ve got some ideas for PPWG in 2016/17 and would like to hear what you think of them. Fill out the form below and tell us your thoughts and suggestions. It should only take a few minutes, tops.

Should we put together a journal special issue after hosting a workshop in 2016? Should we go for a large conference on poststructural politics? On the website, should we host a series of ‘webinars’ in which you would discuss recently published papers, or a series of video interviews of people with recent books? What else would you suggest for PPWG?

All this and a bit more on the PPWG Proposed Event Survey.


‘What do you mean by webinar?’
By webinar, we’re thinking about an advanced reading discussion, with comments posted online as a pdf. In each webinar, a scholar reviews a recent publication, and we post the review to the PPWG list-serve. This post marks the webinar as open to more comments. The author of the publication, as well as others who participate, respond to the review and to each other. All this is done through the group’s list-serve over a period of two weeks. Once the webinar is closed to new responses, a pdf of the entire exchange is put onto the website. This format has worked well for the Media Anthropology Network.

‘Who would create the video interviews?’
Any of us could. This would be a video version of Theory Talks, but with a poststructural bent. Each interview would be conducted by a different person. We’ll send a call out for each interview, and you’ll send us an interview proposal. You’ll design, conduct and create a video of the interview ready for us to put on the site. Our preference will be for interviews of people with a recent publication (or other output). We’re presently trying to get a small bursary approved from BISA for interviewers. It’ll help if you tell us you’re interested in this idea.

‘What would the conference theme be?’

We’re not sure, but one idea is ‘Three Decades of Poststructural Politics’.

‘What would the workshop theme be?’

We won’t decide until we hear from you through this survey and at our annual lunch meeting on June 18th from 1-2pm, open to PPWG members at the 2015 BISA Conference.