Call for Feminist Security Studies Papers and Panels, ISA 2016

Since 2008 the Feminist Security Studies network has assisted the Feminist Theory and Gender Studies (FTGS) Program Chair in organizing panels for the ISA Annual Convention. After recent changes in ISA rules, we no longer submit papers or panels on behalf of authors or panel organisers. Instead, we use our expertise to group individual papers into panels to help the FTGS program chair, maximize their chances of inclusion in the final program, and bring scholars working in similar areas into conversation with each other. Given the growing significance of Feminist Security Studies in IR, and the success of the themed panels put forward in 2015, we propose the organization of a similar series of themed panels for ISA 2016. We welcome full panel and roundtable submissions – and, of course, papers and panels beyond the suggested themes.

Themed panels:

• Methodology and Method in Feminist Security Studies

• Gender, Sex and Sexuality in Global Peace and Security Governance

• Feminism, Security and the Environment

• Pedagogy and/ in Feminist Security Studies

• Sex, Sexuality and Reproductive Rights in Conflict and Post-Conflict Environments

• Sex, Sexuality and Militaries/Militarism

•Theorizing Feminist/ Critical Security in Globalized War Economies

• Reflections on Power, Positionality and Privilege in Feminist Security Studies

• Intersectionality, Reflexivity and the Other in Feminist Security Studies

If you would like to present a paper on one of these panels please submit a title and brief abstract (200 words) of your research along with full institutional and contact information to Maria Martin de Almagro (, Yolande Bouka ( and/or Akanksha Mehta ( ) by 24 May 2015.

In addition, you must also submit your proposal directly to ISA following the normal procedure (at Please make sure to submit to FTGS as your first section choice and one of the other relevant section (Security Studies, Peace Studies, etc.) as your second choice to maximize opportunities to create the best possible panels.

We would appreciate if you could let us know whether you would be willing to act as chair and/or discussant on the panels that we put forward. Please also be aware that the ISA has strict participation limits:

• There is an overall limit of four appearances on submissions.

• You can only submit two research papers of which you are the/an author for consideration. Please bear these limits in mind when submitting your papers and panels.