CFP, ISA 2016: On the Government of Peaceful and Violent Life

Below is the call for one of two panels that the BISA Poststructural Politics Working Group is submitting to BISA, as part of BISA’s dedicated panel slots in the 2016 ISA Annual Convention in Atlanta, 16-19 March. The call for the other panel can be found here.

On the Government of Peaceful and Violent Life

At least since the coupling of global governance to an unrelenting project of liberal peace, peace has been conceptually folded in with violence. No longer credible as an ideal for the world, much less as a tragically unattainable dream, liberal peace has come to be understood as governmental – as complicit in the production of our contemporary matrix of peaceful and violent life. Today, peace is governmental for its complicity in the administration of developed and underdeveloped species life, in the economism of human security, and in the insurance of a global future after emergencies. For some, peaceful life has become life that must be inoculated by exposure to violence so as to produce subjects resilient to the greater threat of catastrophe.

We propose forming a panel on the government of liberal peace and violence. We welcome all related submissions, especially papers on the following themes:

  1. Uneven subjectifications in the government of peaceful life, particularly with respect to discourse on development
  2. Non-Western perspectives on the government of peaceful life
  3. The (post)coloniality of the government of peace. Here, we would welcome studies on how coloniality has sustained the government of peace, and on the distributive effects of such government
  4. Ways out of liberal peaceful life by the self-production of new subjectivities and new ways of living even amidst the governmentality of resilience
  5. Critical perspectives on the notion of the government of peaceful life, especially from non-Western and postcolonial perspectives

Please send submissions with abstracts of no more than 200 words to Tahseen Kazi at The submission deadline is May 20, 2015.