CFP, ISA 2016: Popular Culture, Everyday Experiences and World Politics

Below is the call for one of two panels that the BISA Poststructural Politics Working Group is submitting to BISA, as part of BISA’s dedicated panel slots in the 2016 ISA Annual Convention in Atlanta, 16-19 March. The call for the other panel can be found here.

Popular Culture, Everyday Experiences and World Politics

This panel draws upon the narrative turn and the focus on popular culture in International Relations. It builds from the premise that traditional causal methods are insufficient to analyze the relationship between popular culture and world politics. Textual and visual methods also cannot account for significant elements of this relationship, especially when it comes to more lived and embodied aspects of popular culture. This panel will discuss how stories can be employed as a method to understand the connections between popular culture experiences, people’s everyday lives and world politics concerns. To do so it asks contributors to tell a story about an experience they have had with popular culture (tourism, a film, television show, form of education, food, dance, music, sport) and to highlight how it relates to their lives in a way that reinforces and/or resists dominant ideas, identities and practices in world politics.

Please send submissions with abstracts of no more than 200 words to Elisa Wynne-Hughes at The submission deadline is May 20, 2015.