CFP: Racialised (in)securities: race and migration in the ‘post-racial’ global politics

A call for papers:

A special session: Racialised (in)securities: race and migration in the ‘post-racial’ global politics 

Chair: Hidefumi Nishiyama (University of Warwick, UK)

(In collaboration with Authority & Political Technologies 2016 Symposium: Biopolitical Matters, 13-14th June 2016, the University of Warwick)

In his 1979 interview in Japan, Foucault foresaw the emergence of new forms of state racism that would replace genocides and ethnic persecutions of the twentieth century. These new forms of racism, he argued, arise in the context of migration which not only becomes painful and tragic but is also accompanied by deaths and murders. Today, Foucault’s anticipation becomes ever more relevant: far from living in a ‘post-racial’ world, contemporary security discourses and practices are deeply entwined with the racialisation of migrant populations.

This special session will scrutinise the persistent yet transforming role of race in the biopolitical securitisation of migration. We invite papers that explore the various ways in which contemporary security discourses, practices, and technologies are racialised and racialising migrant populations. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to: racism and the European ‘migrant crisis’; racism and border practices; surveillance and racialisation; racialised urban security; biopolitics and ‘whiteness’; as well as non-Western forms of racialisation across the world. We also welcome historical accounts on the transformations of race and racism in these fields.

Please send your expression of interest, including an abstract of 200 words with five keywords, your name, email, and affiliation to by Thursday 12th May 2016. Please note that this special session is part of Authority & Political Technology 2016 Symposium: Biopolitical Matters, which will take place on 13-14th June 2016 at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK. Presenters will need to register at the main symposium website at (registration is free and will open by 20th May).