International Security After Brexit and Trump, University of Edinburgh

Call For Papers

22 June 2017

The Centre for Security Research at the University of Edinburgh will host a conference on the international security implications of the UK exiting the EU and the Trump presidency in the US. Held one year after the Brexit referendum, the conference invites scholarship reflecting on these developments from multiple perspectives and across a diverse range of topics.

Papers should have some focus on security, widely defined. Topics may include, but are not limited to: US and UK security policy, the future of NATO, implications for transnational security governance, Russia/US/EU relations, changes in the balance of power, reactions by emerging powers, implications for understandings of threat and risk, the securitization of migration, and critical and ethical responses to policy developments.

If interested in contributing to this conference, please send a (working) title, an abstract and a short bio to by 6 March 2017. We will notify acceptance by 31 March. We may be available to offer a limited contribution to travel expenses, depending on need and demand.

Juliet Kaarbo & Andrew Neal

Co-Directors, Centre for Security Research