CFP ISA 2018: The Vegetal Moment in Global Politics?

CFP: International Studies Association Conference 2018, San Francisco

Panel Proposal: The Vegetal Moment in Global Politics? Vegetal Ontologies of Presence and Resistance in the Anthropocene

Organisers:  Dr Charlotte Heath-Kelly, PAIS, University of Warwick
Professor David Chandler, Politics and International Relations, University of Westminster

Of what status are trees and plants in global politics? What claims are made on their behalf in political activism? And how can vegetal ontologies advance our conceptualisation of the Anthropocene?

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Human Rights and the humanities


The existence of human rights – the holding of certain rights or privileges by virtue of being human – is often in the West considered self-evident, as Thomas Jefferson famously wrote. But what are the foundations of human rights and what are its effects in a time of stress? A progressive proponent today might approve of social changes such as extending the right to marry to all adult citizens in a number of countries, while at the same time be horrified by the largest European refugee crisis since 1945. What can the future of human rights be in the face of new threats to the world order and the rise of demagogic, nativist politics? What new perspectives are required by globalized culture or the violent opposition to human rights by some detractors? This symposium seeks to consider human rights in a larger perspective, one that the humanities are particularly capable of providing.
The keynote lecture will be delivered by Samuel Moyn (Yale).

  • Proposals for twenty-minute papers are invited from all areas of the arts and humanities. Topics may include, but are not limited to:
    The philosophy and ethics of human rights
    The history of human rights
    Literature and human rights
    Human rights and the arts (architecture, dance, film, music, theatre, video, visual arts, etc.)
    Human rights and languages
    Human rights as Western (or Christian) ideology
    Post-human rights?
    The awareness and study of human rights in scholarship, teaching, or the public arena

Please make your proposal in the form of an abstract of no more than 500 words at