ISA 2018 Panel CFP, ‘Bring Out Your Dead!’

ISA 2018 Panel CFP
Bring out your ‘dead’! Feminist hauntings in a Trump era
Chairs: Marysia Zalewski & Anne Sisson Runyan
CFP for papers for this panel (abstract drawn from MZ/ASR paper below). Innovative and atypical presentations welcome!


This panel aims to deploy the volatility and insecure shape of feminist, queer and postcolonial intentions. We understand all of these forms of thinking as trans/cyborg body(ies) of thinking, only fleetingly (and problematically) made into a securely bound forms. We want to trail the practices of hate which the Trump era sharply reminds us have not died. We are interested in the theoretical idea of the ‘ghostly’ (and other related ideas) to consider the taming of the pussy-riot spirit of feminist thinking alongside the spectres of unresolved violences that have consistently made themselves ‘known’. Despite governance assurances securing violence around gender/sex/race, the triumphal arrival of Donald Trump bullishly illustrates the illusion of the temporally fuelled banishment of gender/sex/race hate. It is not that we haven’t known or felt and even smelled the stench of misogyny and its close allies including mere tolerance of ‘difference’, but its secure theoretical grasping has eluded. 

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