ISA 2018 Panel CFP, ‘The Politics of (dis)Embodiment’

Call for papers for the 2018 ISA Annual Convention: The Politics of (dis)Embodiment

Bodies and embodiment are becoming increasingly popular topics in International Relations, and in particular, within security studies. The challenge that questions of embodiment present to previous ways of thinking and doing International Relations mean that thinking on embodiment spans a wide variety of theoretical and empirical contexts, although work on embodiment has often found a home in war and security studies. Welcoming this turn to the body, this panel seeks to open up ‘bodies’ as particular sites of politics, and explore what challenges and questions the body provokes for International Relations. The politics of (dis)embodiment explores how particular and situated bodies experience international politics in daily life, and how the multiples lives and deaths of bodies destabilise a variety of boundaries – including disciplinary boundaries around ‘proper’ objects and subjects of knowledge.
As such, this panel welcomes a wide range of contributions which locate the body in spaces and practices which are often unseen or invisible in I.R – for example, in activism, in hospitals, in interactions with police and militias, in the home, etc.  We welcome contributions which seek to explore how the body and international politics intersect with each other in a variety of contexts and explore how bodies affect and are affected by, practices of power and violence. In particular, we are interested in contributions from diverse theoretical backgrounds that engage bodies from a feminist, postcolonial, dis/ability, or queer standpoint.


Abstracts and enquiries may be directed towards or , with a submission deadline of the 22nd of May.