BISA 2018 – Call for Papers, Panels, Events for PPWG Stream: ‘Addressing Academia’s Rugged Individualism: Seeking Collaboration, Co-Production, and Solidarity in and through IR’

We are pleased to open the call for papers for the PPWG’s 10-Panel Stream at BISA 2018

“Addressing Academia’s Rugged Individualism: Seeking Collaboration, Co-Production, and Solidarity in and through IR”

This stream explores the individualised character of scholarly research, and seeks to unearth novel forms of connection and collaboration in and through IR. From PhD to professorial levels, academic life can frequently be experienced as isolated and atomised. In addition to solitary periods spent reading, travelling, and writing, success in the field is often measured by individualised metrics and targets, and colleagues are compelled to compete for jobs, promotions, and funding according to a zero-sum logic. Publication pressures result in scrambles for individual citation scores and online visibility, and a possessive attitude towards fields of study can ensue. While emphasis is placed on interdisciplinarity and networking in the field, the instrumental quality of these terms frequently inhibits, rather than facilitates, meaningful scholarly connection.

The purpose of this stream is to investigate what possibilities might exist for collaborative and collective successes in the field. This includes both scholarly research focusing on collaboration, co-production, and solidarity, and practitioner experiences of these, and associated, themes. Paper, panel, workshop, and roundtable proposals are solicited to explore themes including, but not limited to:

– The theory and practice of solidarity
– Resisting scholarly individualism
– Possibilities for poststructural, feminist, postcolonial, queer theory
– Unlikely collaborations and allegiances within and beyond IR
– Post-foundational solidarities
– The roles of non-academics in research, and possibilities for community
– Unacknowledged debts in research activities
– Projects and spaces of collaboration in IR
– Co-produced research/writing/teaching activities

We welcome proposals for events which do not conform to the standard panel/roundtable format, and look forward to hearing your ideas.

Proposals must be submitted to the BISA online system by the 25th of October – make sure you specify PPWG when submitting so your proposal reaches us and we can take it into account. Since this system is new this year you might want to send your proposal to the PPWG convenors at in addition to submitting it through the system.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Aggie, Tahseen and Christina

Groningen Workshop: Imaginaries of Connectivity and the Creation of Novel Spaces of Governance

Dear Colleagues,

On Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 November 2017 we are organising in Groningen our annual Modes of Reasoning workshop entitled ‘Imaginaries of Connectivity and the Creation of Novel Spaces of Governance’. This time the workshop brings together the three interrelated problems of connectivity, novelty, and spatiality to reflect on the creation of spaces of governance in time.
Programme can be found by clicking here.
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CFP: 2018 Derrida Today Conference in Montreal

Derrida Today 2018

Call for papers for the 6th Derrida Today Conference, May 23 to 26, 2018, Concordia University, Montreal Canada.

The Derrida Today Conference will focus on the ongoing value of either Derrida’s work, or deconstruction, to the political-ethical, cultural, artistic and public debates and philosophical futures that confront us.

Keynotes: Tom Cohen (University at Albany, State University of New York, USA); Drucilla Cornell (Rutgers University, USA); Alexander Garcia-Düttman (Berlin University of the Arts, Germany); Ginette Michaud (Université de Montréal, Canada); Elizabeth Rottenberg (De Paul University, USA).

Conference Directors and Organizers: Matthias Fritsch (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada), Nicole Anderson (Editor, Derrida Today Journal; Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia), Stella Gaon (Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada).

Due dates for Abstracts and Panel Proposals: 1st December 2017 (notification of acceptance of abstracts will be by late December 2017). Abstracts to be sent to:
All inquiries about the conference, to this email address ONLY.

The conference will be broadly interdisciplinary and invites contributions from a range of academic, disciplinary and cultural contexts. We will accept papers and panel proposals in English or French on any aspect of Derrida’s work, or deconstruction, in relation to various topics and contemporary issues, such as: philosophy, phenomenology and other theoretical/philosophical thinkers, literature, psychoanalysis, architecture and design, law, film and visual studies, haptic technologies, photography, art, music, dance, embodiment, feminism, race and whiteness studies, politics, ethics, sociology, cultural studies, queer theory, sexuality, education, science (physics, biology, medicine, chemistry), IT and multimedia, the environment, technology, etc. We also accept papers that engage in the spirit of deconstructive thought (if not on Derrida or deconstruction itself).

Individual Participants: submit two separate Word documents: 1) a 350 word abstract for a 20 minute paper, 2) a personal bio (no more than 200 words), with very importantly your affiliation and contact details (mailing address, email address, and phone).

Panel Proposals: Panels will consist of 3 papers of 20 minutes delivery and 10 minutes discussion time each. Panel organizers should submit as separate Word documents, the following: 1) an overall panel proposal of 350 words 2) 3 individual abstracts of no more than 300 words for each paper, 3) personal bios and contact details of each member phone, email, affiliation, address.


Derrida Today 2018:
Appel à contributions pour le 6e colloque Derrida Today, du 23 au 26 Mai 2018, Université Concordia, Montréal, Canada.

Le colloque Derrida Today se concentrera sur la valeur toujours actuelle de l’œuvre de Derrida ou de la déconstruction, eu égard aux débats politico-éthiques, culturels, artistiques et publics ainsi qu’aux futurs philosophiques auxquels nous sommes confrontés.

Conférenciers d’honneur: Tom Cohen (Université d’État de New York, à Albany, É.-U.); Drucilla Cornell (Université Rutgers, É.-U.); Alexander Garcia-Düttman (Université des arts de Berlin, Allemagne); Ginette Michaud (Université de Montréal, Canada); Elizabeth Rottenberg (Université De Paul, É.-U.).

Comité scientifique: Matthias Fritsch (Université Concordia, Montréal, Canada), Nicole Anderson (Rédactrice en chef, la revue Derrida Today; Université Macquarie, Sydney, Australie), Stella Gaon (Université Saint Mary’s, Halifax, Canada).

Date limite de soumission les propositions de communication ou de tables rondes: 1er décembre 2017 (le comité scientifique enverra la notification d’acceptation pour la fin décembre 2017). Prière d’envoyer les propositions à l’adresse suivante:

De nature interdisciplinaire, le colloque invite les contributions venant d’horizons intellectuels et culturels variés. Nous accepterons les communications et les propositions de table ronde en français ou en anglais sur tout aspect de l’œuvre de Derrida ou sur la déconstruction, se liant à des thématiques et des problématiques contemporaines telles que la philosophie, la phénoménologie, des théoriciens et des philosophes, la littérature, la psychanalyse, l’architecture et le design, le droit, les études visuelles et cinématographiques, les technologies haptiques, la photographie, l’art, la musique, la danse, l’embodiment, le féminisme, les études sur la race et la blanchitude (race and whiteness studies), la politique, l’éthique, la sociologie, les études culturelles, la théorie queer, la sexualité, l’éducation, la science (physique, biologie, médecine, chimie), les technologies de l’information et les multimédias, l’environnement ainsi que la technologie. Nous acceptons également les communications qui participent de la pensée déconstructive (si ce n’est sur Derrida ou la déconstruction elle-même).

Intervenants individuels: veuillez soumettre deux documents Word distincts : 1) une proposition de 350 mots; chaque communication a une durée de 20 minutes; 2) une notice biographique n’excédant pas 200 mots. Il est important de préciser votre affiliation et de fournir vos coordonnées

Propositions de tables rondes: Les tables rondes comprennent 3 communications de 20 minutes, suivies d’une discussion de 10 minutes pour chacune. Les responsables des tables rondes soumettent les documents Word distincts suivants: 1) une proposition générale de 350 mots; 2) 3 propositions individuelles ne dépassant pas 300 mots chacune; 3) une notice biographique et les coordonnées de chaque intervenant.


BISA 2017 PPWG/CPD Plenary: Radicalism and the Challenge to Colonial Legacies

BISA is pleased to announce the following Plenary Session organised by the
Colonial, Postcolonial and Decolonial Working Group (CPD) and PostStructural Politics (PPWG) working groups.

Radicalism and the Challenge to Colonial Legacies
Wednesday 14th June 2017 @ 5.30pm Tennyson Room
Wine will be served at the Plenary session

Plenary speakers are:
Dr Nirmal Puwar (Goldsmiths)
Dr Louiza Odysseus (Sussex)
Prof. Gurminder K. Bhambra (Warwick)
Dr Olivia Rutazibwa (Portsmouth)

Plenary chairs are:
Dr Aggie Hirst (City)
Dr Nivi Manchanda.

“The term protestor is a colonised term for standing up for what’s right”
– Indigenous protector, North Dakota, September 2016

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